NCR Corrected My Bite 
To say that my bite used to be a mess is an understatement for sure - one prosthodontist described it as a “slide ‘n clunk”.  My bite would initially contact at the right first bicuspid, my jaw would then slide left till the right molars contacted, then shift up on the left and back till the left molars contacted . . . basically, I kind of chewed like a cow.  This put an obvious stress on the jaw and the left ear channel was distorted.  (My left ear has always been slow to dry after swimming and was difficult to clear when I’d scuba dive.)  To complicate the issue, three permanent teeth are missing and the top left canine and lateral incisor (a baby tooth) are switched.  This left plenty of gaps and spaces for teeth to rotate and shift waaay out of place - for example, the top left first bicuspid is rotated forty-five degrees . . . my teeth are messed up.The problem didn’t start off quite so bad, but got worse with time.  Orthodontics alone was not going to cut it - plus it’d be long, painful and expensive.  One orthodontist-prosthodontist duo suggested crowning fourteen molars to build up the bite . . . a $14,000 “fix” . . . no thanks.  The most recent prosthodontist didn’t like the fourteen crown approach so he referred me to his ortho buddy who had a new technique.  “Sorry, the new technique can’t help you,” the orthodontist replied while pushing my jaw back into my head.  “But, here’s how your bite wants to be.”  Oh . . . good, but so what?  So back I go to the prosthodontist for a follow up.  BUT, before I returned for that appointment, I had my first NCR treatment with Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta.  After just one treatment, not even a full four treatment series, my bite changed.  It was now initially contacting at the back right and just barely on the left.  When I then had the follow up with the prosthodontist, he was amazed.  “Keep it up and see me when you’re done,” he concluded.  “You’re just a short putt away now.”  I could hardly believe it.  A $14,000 bite problem - gone!!!  But that was only the beginning.  I just got done with a four treatment series during which my bite kept shifting and shifting until now it initially contacts on nearly all of the molars and bicuspids . . . on both sides!         I am so very happy!!! BruceGreenville, SC
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