Benefits of NCR:
structural issues are an often overlooked obstacle to cure and should be corrected for optimal wellness as diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle alone cannot heal an injury or a structural-based problem.

The best way to understand all of the wonderful benefits NCR has to offer, imagine it working along a spectrum: one side representing relief from pain and dysfunction, and the other side representing wellness benefits and pleasant side-effects. Whether you come to NCR for help for a specific problem, or are wanting optimal response and higher mind/body function, NCR is truly one of the great breakthrough therapies. The variety and intensity of positive physical, mental and emotional effects from optimizing the body’s structure through NCR are astounding. This demonstrates that the body’s structural integrity is far more important than we normally realize. Together with proper diet, exercise, rest and stress management techniques, good structure is the key to the body, mind, emotions and soul operating at their full potential.

Most people learn about NCR because of a chronic, painful disability they would like corrected. However, there are many "wellness benefits" to NCR as well. See Chart at right.
Neuro-Cranial Restructuring Benefits
Pain & Dysfunction Wellness Benefits
Relief from pain, Headaches, jaw pain, breathing and sinus dysfunction, headaches, migraines and head pressure, muscular pain and spasm, scoliosis, ear disorders, vision problems, seizures, orthodontic problems, whiplash, effects from trauma, dyslexia, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, tremor and TMJ. Sholder & Neck problems, back problems
Feeling of well-being, clear thinking, profound mental and emotional effects including relief from anxiety, depression, phobias, hyperactivity and nervousness. Patients report feeling more happy, relaxed and self-confident after treatment. Creativity is enhanced, thinking is clearer, relationships with self and other improve and learning becomes easier. Concentration, focus, mental and emotional clarity all increase.
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