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How & Why NCR works:

How: NCR works by targeting the unstable, dysfunctional areas in the body and cranium and stabilizing them through manipulation of the sphenoid bone. Through optimal placement of the sphenoid bone, the rest of the body becomes optimally balanced.

Why: All of the joints in your body, including the joints in your skull, face and jaw - of which there are over 30 - are innervated by pain fibers. That means that whenever a joint becomes compressed or locked, you feel pain. You may feel the pain locally in your head, or it may radiate down your neck or into your face. NCR is able to decompress and unlock the joints in the face and skull, releasing the pain there.

Most people learn about NCR because of a chronic, painful disability they would like corrected. However, there are many "wellness benefits" to NCR as well. See Chart at right.
Head shape

An optimal, balanced head shape means that the head sits optimally on the spine, enabling the spine to have its optimal shape instead of a distorted one to accommodate a distorted spine. A straight spine with excellent posture means that areas for trigger points, muscular spasm, tightness and subluxation are greatly diminished if not eliminated.

Our brains and spinal cord are bathed in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This fluid acts as a cushion and a buffer to the brain and spinal cord, protecting them from injury. Our immune and lymph systems also have a connection to the cerebrospinal fluid. CSF also removes waste products, drugs and other substances from the brain. The CSF helps to transport hormones and neurotransmitters to different areas of the brain. If there is a compression or distortion in the skull, the flow of CSF can be compromised, leading to a buildup of metabolic waste products or a lack of neurotransmitters or hormones needed in a crucial area. Many symptoms can result, ranging from fatigue and brain fog to anxiety. In some cases, depression and anxiety may not be an issue of insufficiency of particular hormones but actually a distribution issue, especially if accompanied by asymmetries in the skull and face. If we are able to create an optimal, round head shape by manipulation of the sphenoid bone, the flow of the CSF will be optimized, facilitating optimal waste removal and distribution of neurotransmitters.

Better posture with your chest up, shoulders back and head optimally placed - enabling you to prevent injury and prevent wear and tear of the jointsImproved balance and stability
• Optimal jaw function and performance
• Breathing is easier out of both nostrils, and better breathing that more oxygen is delivered to the tissues which will give you energy
• Less headaches and less pain will enable you to be more productive
• Optimal alignment leads to optimal integration of the head, spine and neuromuscular system, leading to less nerve pain and pain syndromes, and a more functional body system
Decreased sinus pressure and sinus symptoms
• Decreased TMJ pain, clicks and grinding 
• Decreased pain from headaches and migraines
• Decreased neck, back and shoulder pain
• Increased energy
• Increased mental clarity and cognition           
• Awareness of your body
Face looks more relaxed

•Wrinkles soften           

• Cheek bones are higher

• Eyes are straighter           

• Nose/septum is straighter           

• The head becomes rounder           

• Jawbone more pronounced and elegant

NCR accomplishes this without surgery or drugs!
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